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In week three we started to have lots of fun! Firstly we had to worm puppies - as you will see not to everyone's delight! The week also saw the first feed away from Grace - always a messy job! They are starting to get quite mobile and it won’t be long before they are capable of finding the way out of the whelping box!

Worming usually requires two to achieve successfully. We have never found a puppy who likes it - and this one is no different! Most of it gets spat out and makes a bit of a mess!! Well how would you like it if someone squirted nasty tasting stuff in your mouth when you yawned!

The first feed away from mum is always very exciting! No one’s REALLY sure what to do so I have to show puppies the way. As you can see they soon catch on - in fact they love it so much it’s much more fun to get into the food dish to ensure nothing is left!!

I think this photo is lovely! Aunty Velvet is giving one of her nephews or nieces a kiss!! Grace still has not let Velvet into the whelping box. But she was outside at the time so Velvet took her chance to get acquainted!! Lovely!!

Click here for the week four’s update

The Hareswith Golden Retrievers puppies third week

Hope you enjoy this week’s supply of pictures !


The first signs of play! Here’s one little boy who thinks he has found all four legs - mind you it’s only because mum’s around he can stand up for a second or two!!

Worming a Puppy I don't like this stuff!! Puppies first feed Lets all feed in the same bowl! Aunty Velvet giving a puppy a kiss Puppy's first play