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Week three saw the puppies starting to find their way around - well, by week four they well and truly found their legs!! They are now playing well and escaping from the whelping box!! - Time for the big move outside!!

Lots of playing this week as each puppy explores and finds play fighting lots of fun!! ‘Course I’m bigger than you - Oh yeah? - well my dad’s bigger than yours

Escaping is REAL fun these days - but some puppies fall asleep in the process. Others find the way and lead the rest out - This is fun during the day ‘cos mum’s around to put us back - but it’s not too much fun at 3am when we’ve had enough and want to sleep

Now listen ‘ere - escaping is not what I want you to do - don’t you know I want to sleep at three in the morning not have to get up to put you back. Time you all went to live outside, me thinks!!

Click here for week four’s update

The Hareswith Golden Retrievers puppies forth week

Hope you enjoy this week’s supply of pictures !


The first day puppies only spent a few hours outside. They found it a GREAT adventure - lots of new things to play with.

Mummy says one day I will grow bigger than this ball - Do you think I will?

Puppies Playing Puppies Playing Puppies sleeping Puppies escaping Puppy Love Puppies at large Puppy Playing with his ball

After their first night outside snug and warm inside the kennel the door is opened for them to come out to play.

!!! ‘ere me first - get out of my way !!! Cor - think I wanna go back, must have left me ball in there - gang way!!

Puppies in and out