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Week four sees the puppies living outside all the time. And what a big adventure life is - We didn’t realize the world was so big. There is so much to do and see. This week we saw a funny big silvery thing up in the sky - it made lots of noise - but we wasn’t frightened.

At the moment life is one big round of playing. These pictures show just how much puppies are growing week on week.

There is so much to see - and not enough time to do it. Everything has to be done at once!

‘Ere - I’m sure mummy put my toys in this box - better get in and have a look!

Of course playing is very important - but even that stops when mummy brings out the food!!

It doesn’t matter if it’s day light of night time - feeding carries on! They all have really good appetites - leaving nothing!!

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The Hareswith Golden Retrievers puppies get bigger

Hope you enjoy this week’s supply of pictures !


After lots of play and plenty of grub all a puppy really wants to do is have a little sleep!! Some people just can’t keep their peepers open!!

Grace's puppies playing Grace's puppies playing Grace's puppies playing Grace's puppies playing Puppies feeding Puppies feeding puppies sleeping