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The time we have with the puppies is all too short. Now it is time for them to go off to their new families. All through out the last few weeks there have been anxious people just waiting for the day they take ‘their’ new family member home. Well the time has come!

Watch out - there’s a show dog on the loose!!

I’ve been brushed and made to look posh - but I just want to be with my brothers & sisters - this looks like it might be the way - I can hear them calling me!!

We hope you have enjoyed watching our puppies’ first few weeks - now they are off to an exciting big world - let’s all wish them well!!

If you have enjoyed following the first few weeks of a typical Hareswith Golden Retriever puppy’s life and would like to find out more about our next litter please contact us using the secure form below.

The Hareswith Golden Retrievers puppies go home!

Hope you enjoy this week’s supply of pictures !


This is the time Grace does not like - she has to say good bye to her baby.

She thinks she is still needed - the fact is puppy is fine without her - Poor Grace - she has to look forward to the next litter now!!

Puppies ready for the off Show dog puppy puppy escaping Mum missing her puppy Mum says goodbye to her puppy

This is what makes it all worthwhile. A young man with his first dog.

Lets hope they both grow up together giving each lots of love and understanding.

Young man and his dog start life together

Something’s about to happen - we can tell - but we’re not sure what. Don’t go to sleep chaps - we might miss something!!